‘Tis the season!

As the Christmas season approaches, I’ve become more aware that there are people that truly thrive in it and those that dread it.

There are many reasons but those that dread it either don’t have family here to celebrate with or they do but come from a broken home or where spending Christmas together is endured rather than enjoyed. Not everyone has or comes from a healthy family and Christmas can amplify anxiety, isolation and disappointment already present in people’s lives.

I would know.

Without going into too much detail, I have a parent with a mental illness and the other who has passed away (unexpectedly) last August. Growing up in a poor dysfunctional home actually has strengthened my sister and I into strong, mature, compassionate successful adults but it also produced many barriers and one of them resulting in us resenting anything family orientated for many years to the point where I refused to see my parents of Christmas 2014. If I had known, I wouldn’t of done it but that was the last Christmas my Dad had here on this earth.

Family dysfunction is much more widespread and real than we realise, and for many, this is not the most wonderful and magical time of the year, but a difficult maze of expectations.

Please be mindful of those around you. There are hurting people who need love not just for the holiday season but especially because it’s holiday season.


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