Pondering on the year that’s been. (Dec, 2015)

“As New Year’s Eve looms, we think about time. We take inventory. Which is a good thing, because as often as we say that we’re “killing time,” it seems more apparent that time is killing us. The “Holy Now” of our tiny, individual lives is finite. It has a beginning and an end. And, assuming we have the courage to take that seriously, it’s good to take inventory if for no other reason than to ask ourselves whether we are being responsible and faithful with the time we’ve been allotted.”

I read this somewhere on the Internet a few days back and I can’t quote who it was but whoever this person may be, they are right! As another year looms, it’s time to take inventory. To ponder. To reevaluate.

2015 was meant to be my “better” year after thinking that 2014 was one of the hardest years I’ve experienced. Unfortunately I was wrong and naive to the happenings of what twenty fifteen was about to bring! I unexpectedly lost my Dad within a matter of days to Septicaemia. One second he was here and the next moment, we were organising his coffin and saying our goodbyes. A few weeks later, I lost my nan. Another blow to the heart. I could carry on with a list of shitty things that I’ve had to endure but instead, I can say with confidence that I am HERE. At the end of a rather emotional toiling year. I am still here and about to step into this year with more faith than I’ve ever had.

As you take inventory of the life you’ve lived this year remember that we don’t actually have time to waste. Forgive those who’ve hurt you. Make amends with your loved ones. Get therapy. Eat that pizza. Don’t take your friends for granted. Choose a career that you love. Volunteer in another country. Knit that scarf. Get that degree! Just don’t waste the time you’ve been given because as our unknown author wrote, “our tiny, individual lives is finite. It has a beginning and an end.” Life will carry on whether we like it or not so make it count.


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